Message From the Board Match

First of all I would like to express deep gratitude to our customers, partners and friends who trust and cooperation with JSC commercial construction during peacetime through.

During his period of strong growth reaching for the infrastructure system of the country. The construction industry is increasingly asserting its role in the national economic system when the country is in the integration period. Social needs of increasingly strong demand higher responses for infrastructure. Construction Joint Stock Company Commercial Thoi Binh was established in that trend.

With the orientation to become a thriving business in the region related to the construction sector, Thoi Binh understand the value of each work they perform and always wish that these projects are not only significant even economic, but also a ladder to reach the top of the building. With a team of leaders, managing dynamic, enthusiastic, team technical staff with professional qualifications together with the force of skilled workers, equipment modernization, synchronous Thoi Binh promises to the best quality works, the most economical.

Besides Thoi Binh always put business goals with a moral sense, fairness So each employee We are committed to comply with the laws, rules and regulations should be seen as a target leading media. Come to experience Thoi Binh to the efficient working environment and benefiting the construction products with the best quality.