Opening Ceremony Cha Am BOT Project.

20-8 days, the Office of Ca Mau province, said local JSC and commercial construction Thoi Binh (Company Thoi Binh) 2 bridge to traffic investment in the form of  BOT delete “oasis” district Dam Doi specializing in shrimp.

Delegates inaugurated the  bridge Well Being

Works  bridge Hoa Trung 1  completed before schedule.

Cha La crossing Bridge Bay Hap River, connecting the town of Cai Nuoc (Cai Nuoc district) with Judge Tran commune (Dam Doi district), 253m long, 13 ton payload, invested 57.5 billion. Bridge Hoa Trung 1 crosses the canal Hoa Trung, connecting Luong The Tran commune (Cai Nuoc district) with Tan China (Dam Doi district) long, 230 meter, path 500m, load 10 tons, invest 46 billion. Both requirements 6m wide, two-lane, concrete structure reinforced, steel beam, cable-stayed …

Cha La bridge put into use connecting 2 and Cai Nuoc, Dam Doi District

Mr. Than Duc Huong, Deputy Chairman of Ca Mau Province said that soon put to use Bridge BOT Cha La and Hoa Trung 1 deleted so unique communal roads, closing the gap in the aquaculture largest Ca Mau province with national Highway 1A, promote the exchange of goods, economic development.

Vo Chi Hai, Director of the Company’s Certificate of Merit Thoi Binh Provincial People’s Committee of Ca Mau

Vo Chi Hai, Director of Thoi Binh said: “The work of children as gifts for the Ca Mau remote province. Long, Dam Doi District as “oasis”. It has a strong aquaculture. However difficult the transportation mainly by means of waterway. When the concrete highway to the center of the district, commune, people have implications ferry. Buildings put into use as well as the joy of the people “.

Ca Mau province currently has three bridges built under BOT. Before recently inaugurated two bridges crossing the river bridge BOT Rach Rang linking Cai Nuoc district and Tran Van Thoi.

Thien Thao



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