Tet moon together with the family company Thoi Binh

A Mid-Autumn Festival again to evoke for us how memories of a childhood with Uncle Pebbles, Hang, with the moonlight lamp out deck, with the procession star light around the village around the commune, with you peers play with lion dance associations, the family warmth. Join the fun exciting, the consent of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union Joint Stock Company Commercial Thoi Binh has decided to organize programs Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 meaningful for children with theme “Mid-Autumn Festival – Festival of friendship”.

With the theme “Mid-Autumn Festival – Festival of friendship” program gave the children Air moon fun through each episode, children are involved in many interesting games like quizzes, dancing .. especially the children also participate in numerous interactive games anonymous attractive high team …

Baby expressed confidence with her singing ability Chang’e

Along with parents participating quiz

The children share the same feelings and dreams and her Uncle Cuội Chang’e

End of each game the team win is the Organizing Committee awarded significant prizes increased air excited and elated for the children.

Girls dance party momentum along the cute bow shooting anniversary


Full-moon night ends with the image extremely sense of collective family Thoi Binh, gather together in a family atmosphere cozy, with smiles beaming on their faces, eyes sparkling spill full of joy and happiness.


Photo: Nguyen Tien Dat



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